Furlough Freebie

Our country is a hot mess right now. It has been for a couple years, but these past five weeks have been particularly nightmarish. The government shutdown affects us all, though it’s quite clear that some folks don’t see it that way. It’s like throwing a pebble in a pond. There’s the impact zone (in this case, the workers not being paid because of the shutdown), and then there are the countless ripples that extend outward, endlessly (which in this case is the rest of us). That’s the way this shutdown works. For those of you who don’t understand this concept and think that the workers not being paid should just “deal with it” or “get other jobs for now,” let me explain it to you.

First of all, no one wants to work for free. Yes, they MIGHT get back-pay, though not all of them will, but that doesn’t help them NOW. And for those who don’t get back-pay, they’ve just given away all these weeks of work, weeks of their lives, for nothing. Is that something you would want to do? Go to work day after day, week after week and receive no money for it? Would you just shrug and “deal with it?” I highly doubt it. Besides that, it costs money to get to work. Whether it’s fuel for your vehicle, bus or train fare, you have to pay to get to the job that you’re now working for free. So you’re actually going in the hole to provide free labor for your government. Sound fair to you?

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, let’s move on.

When you get paid, you spend money on necessities like rent, groceries, electric, cable, phone, water, trash, and gas. Then, you spend money on luxuries like eating out, buying new clothes, going to the movies, and taking vacations. When you don’t get paid, you don’t have the option of paying your bills, buying your groceries, seeing a movie, eating out, etc. Not only does this suck for you, but it sucks for everyone else.

Pay attention, folks. This is where that ripple effect comes into play.

If you can’t pay your rent, your landlord is short on money and now can’t pay his or her mortgage on the building. Now you’re both screwed. When you can’t go out to eat, the single mother working for tips makes less money than usual–which wasn’t quite enough to begin with–so now her children don’t get all the school supplies they need or a new pair of shoes because they’ve outgrown the old pair. Now there’s a bunch of people who are screwed. The restaurants that depend on the income from those workers eating out have lost the income they depend on and now have to lay off their own workers to try to balance things out. They also have to close the restaurants early because their bills are out-weighing their income. The people working for free have children that go to daycare. Those daycare centers aren’t being paid, so now THEY have bills that are going past due. That’s right. Now the daycare providers are working for free. Are you starting to get it? Are you starting to see how this shutdown affects us all?

I’ve seen some folks post online that the workers should’ve had enough money saved up to live on. To that I say ARE YOU FREAKIN’ KIDDING ME?! Do YOU have a few months’ worth of income saved up? No. No you do not. The majority of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. We’re pretty much all one major illness away from bankruptcy. But we’ll remember that if something ever happens to YOUR job. We’ll remind you that you can just live off your savings.

There are almost a million workers not being paid by the government during this shutdown. But there are so many more people hurting because of it.

That’s why I’m offering any furloughed worker affected by the shutdown a free ebook. Just send me an email at kimberlyabettes at yahoo dot com and I’ll send you an ebook. If there’s one you prefer, let me know. Otherwise, I’ll send you one at random. It’s the least I can do. I can’t open the government. I can’t get your paycheck for you. But I can help take your mind off your troubles for a bit.



Open Submissions!

I’m putting together a book of micro stories (10 sentences or less) with all proceeds going to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. The stories can be horror or ghost, thriller or paranormal. Anything to make the reader’s skin crawl. If you aren’t familiar with stories this short, try visiting creepypasta. You can submit as many stories as you like. Since they’re so short, I’m sure we’ll have plenty of room for everyone’s creepy tales. The deadline for submissions is December 1, 2018. Send as many as you want to me at kimberlyabettes@yahoo.com.

There is no submission fee or fee of any kind. I will do all the work (editing, cover art, etc) and all of the royalties will go to St. Jude’s to help those in need. The children are the future, so let’s make sure they have one, okay? Great! Now get started writing those twisted little tales. Happy writing!

The Drive

I’m alive. I haven’t died. I haven’t headed off to the mountains to live my life as a hermit (although to be honest, that sounds awesome). But I have been away for a while. Not away as in vacation. In fact, I haven’t really left my house (again, awesome). What I have been doing is regrouping. There has been so much going on in the last couple of years, both in the world and in my world, that I needed to step away from it all and just do nothing. At least nothing writing-related.

I was not out of ideas. Hell, I’ll have to live another fifty lives to write all the stories I have planned. But it felt like I was out of gas. Out of steam. Out of umpf. So many of the changes in the literary world were discouraging, that I lost my drive. I no longer felt the overwhelming urge to purge myself of the stories within me. It was almost as if I didn’t care anymore. In my mind, though, the stories and ideas still simmered. I knew that it would only be a matter of time until the drive returned, so I decided to just wait it out. Not force anything to happen. When the time came to get going again, I would know. So for the past several months, I’ve done other things to fill my time. I’ve crocheted and knitted and embroidered and tried new hobbies and a bunch of other things. But now…

The drive has returned.

It’s time to get going again. There are stories to be written. Oh, so many stories.

Buckle up, my lovelies. Let me drive.

The Faceless

After months of ups and downs, countless moments of unbridled joy when two pieces of the story came together, followed quickly by the crushing realization that a different piece of the story didn’t quite fit, it’s finally over. The Faceless has a face. Head on over to Amazon and pick up your copy now. Read it. Enjoy it. And then, because you kick every bit of ass, leave a review for that sucker. Reviews mean I can promote. Promoting means I (hopefully) sell more books. Selling more books means I can eat. And I like to eat. So please, FEED ME! Thank you.


A thrilling suspense-filled horror novel.

When Carrie Rose was six years old, she fought off her mother’s attacker. Now, twenty years later, she’s an internet sensation with millions of adoring fans and an offer to take her cooking show to television. Her culinary talents have brought her everything she’s ever wanted. Money. Success. A loyal fanbase. But it also brought her something she didn’t want.

A stalker.

Carrie’s boyfriend has vowed to keep her safe from the man harassing her online. But it seems that he is hiding something from her and may not be the person she believes him to be.

Blood will be shed…

Allan Grayson is an Atlanta detective who’s been working the same case for far too long. A serial killer known as The Camper has claimed over four dozen victims and shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, he’s growing more brazen by the day. Now, in a race to stop him before he can kill again, Detective Grayson finds himself at Carrie Rose’s house on a dark Georgia night. But will he make it there in time or will The Camper’s body count rise?

Not everyone will live to see the dawn.

Buy your copy here.

The Devil Crept In

I’ve been a huge fan of Ania Ahlborn’s since I read Seed way back in…good grief. 2012? Has it been that long? Anyway, I just finished her novel The Devil Crept In. I still have a couple of her books left to read (Brother and Within These Walls) but if you ask me, this one is her best so far (keeping in mind that there are two I haven’t read yet). So if you like creepy stories, get this one. Actually, get them all. They’re good reads.

An unforgettable horror novel from bestselling sensation Ania Ahlborn—hailed as a writer of “some of the most promising horror I’ve encountered in years” (New York Times bestselling author Seanan McGuire)—in which a small-town boy investigates the mysterious disappearance of his cousin and uncovers a terrifying secret kept hidden for years.

Young Jude Brighton has been missing for three days, and while the search for him is in full swing in the small town of Deer Valley, Oregon, the locals are starting to lose hope. They’re well aware that the first forty-eight hours are critical and after that, the odds usually point to a worst-case scenario. And despite Stevie Clark’s youth, he knows that, too; he’s seen the cop shows. He knows what each ticking moment may mean for Jude, his cousin and best friend.

That, and there was that boy, Max Larsen…the one from years ago, found dead after also disappearing under mysterious circumstances. And then there were the animals: pets gone missing out of yards. For years, the residents of Deer Valley have murmured about these unsolved crimes…and that a killer may still be lurking around their quiet town. Now, fear is reborn—and for Stevie, who is determined to find out what really happened to Jude, the awful truth may be too horrifying to imagine.

Get it on Amazon here.

FREE for a Limited Time

My collection of short stories entitled TWISTED is available for free at Amazon, but only for a limited time. So rush over and grab your copy. Read it. Then please take a moment to leave a review. Thanks, and enjoy!




From the dark mind of Kimberly A. Bettes comes this unsettling collection of 26 short stories, each more twisted than the last. The stories within will leave you feeling uneasy, shocked, and disturbed.

Exodus Audio

For those of you who love audio books, Exodus is now available.

For those of you who love horror, Exodus is now available.

For everyone else, Exodus is now available as an audio book.

So go on. Go get it. Listen to it. Let yourself be whisked away, taken to a place you’ll never see in real life.

If you’re lucky, that is…

The Carlsons – John, his wife Anne, and their newborn baby James – are one of countless families heading west during The Great Depression, and they’re one of many unfortunate families who decide to make a stop in Exodus. The sign on the highway promises food and gas, both of which the Carlsons need. But the sign doesn’t advertise all that Exodus has to offer.
It doesn’t mention the torture.
The cannibalism.
The death.
Caught now in a horrifying world of madness, Anne has to fight to save her family, though doing so will push her to the very brink of her own sanity.


Buy it here at Amazon.

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Ask the Authors!

As many of you know, I’ve been working on a project with fellow author Wayne Lemmons. It’s an amazing and wild ride, this novel. As we near the release date (which hasn’t been set in stone yet, but it’s soon), I thought I would give you, the reader, an opportunity to be involved.

I recently asked on Facebook what readers like to find at the end of a novel. For example, interviews with the author, bonus stories, deleted scenes, etc. Many folks said they wanted to know things about the book. Like how the story came to be, where the idea came from, etc.

At the end of this novel, there will be extras, including an interview between Wayne and me. Here’s where you come in.

If you have a question that you’d like to ask us, ask us now and your question and the answer may be included in the bonus content of the new book, accompanied by your name, of course. Sound good? Let’s do this!

You can leave your question in the comments section of this post, on my Facebook page–personal or author–as a private message through Facebook, or as an email at kimberlyabettes at yahoo dot com.



If you aren’t aware, my novel Before the Harvest is FREE right now. That’s right. That sucker is free, as in zero dollars and zero cents. Now I don’t want to tell you how to live your life or anything, but where I come from free is a good deal so you might wanna hop on over to the Amazon where Krazy Kim is giving away Kindle books. Hopefully you’ll like it and leave me a nice review. But even if you don’t like this one, I have plenty of others to choose from so make yourself at home and browse around while you’re there. What’s that, you ask? What’s the book about? Well, let me tell ya…

A suspenseful and thrilling fast-paced horror novel from the author of HELD.


When the Martins move their daughter from the crime-filled streets of St. Louis to the safety of the countryside, they don’t realize that the rural town they think of as a protective haven is loaded with secrets, and the farm they lease is far from safe. It is cursed land, and they’re about to find out the hard way that danger lurks everywhere, even in a small, peaceful farming community.


Will the Martins live to see dawn, or will they only add to the rising body count?

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Ego Boost

I stumbled across this fantastic 5-star review that a reader left at Amazon for my novel HELD, all the way back in 2012. It’s one of those reviews that make it all worth it, you know? All the long hours, the headaches, the frustration, the achy back and neck, the irritated eyes from staring at a computer screen so long…Hearing that someone so thoroughly enjoyed those sacrifices really makes it all worthwhile. It refills the tank, re-energizes the soul. I just thought I’d share it with you, and once again thank the reviewer, whoever and wherever they may be.

So, dear reader, THANK YOU!

I am extremely difficult to satisfy when it comes to fiction. Usually I only read non fiction/true crime because it has an intensity that can’t be matched via fiction, knowing it is just a story. However I have been left between the old rock and a hard place. 99% of non fiction/true crime is so lame and tepid, lacking in detail with descriptions of the criminal acts so sanitized and neutered they are glossed over with one or two words…he tortured her and killed her. I want the DETAILS, brutal, unfiltered, explicit details of each act of torture, what was done, in when, and how murdered. There have only been a couple of books that do the subject justice. All the other Ann Rule type true crime garbage by all these authors is hopelessly boring. Fiction I gave up on because like I said, knowing it is nothing more than a story there is no intensity….well this book changed all that for me. I LOVED this book and I am amazed at Kimberly’s writing. I was cringing so often through this book. What a fantastic mind she has. I couldn’t put this book down and when I did i couldn’t wait to get back to it. I loved the hostage, despised and wanted to kill the kidnapper. No cliche ending. Brilliant start to finish. I can’t believe this came from the mind of a woman. She would be fascinating to know and talk with I am sure.

I read multiple books continuously. I am a new fan of Kimberly now and I will read everything she writes and has written. I can only say that about 2 other authors. Get it, read it.

Held Cover


Nicole Lee, a young wife and new mother, steps out of the mall, squinting against the glare of the midday sun, completely unaware that her life is about to change forever.

In a matter of seconds, she is steeped in fear as the world she knows and the life she loves fades away.

As the panic sets in and the terror takes hold, Nicole tries to keep calm, though she’s now in a frantic fight for her life. Locked in a deadly battle of wits with a psychopath, she struggles to keep her sanity as she’s held.


“…one of the best purchases I have made on Amazon. I took a chance on an unknown author and found a new favorite to follow. I was just expecting a dark run-of-the-mill thriller and found a writer who can actually scare the heebie jeebies out of me.” — Independent Review

“Texas Chainsaw meets Silence of the Lambs.” — Independent Review

“…grabs you by the throat on the first page and relentlessly squeezes you to the last.” — Independent Review

Buy it here.