Summer, In Retrospect

As summer break winds down to the last few days, I look back to see how I’ve spent my time. I’ve been so busy, it’s all rushed by in a blur. But now that I stop, turn around, and really look at it, a lot of things happened.

I lost my grandmother. Since her death, I’ve met some family members that I hadn’t met before and have reunited with some that I hadn’t seen in years. As nice as that is, it’s a horrible way to do it.

In the Spring, I’d set a goal for myself to write 2 novels during summer break. Then I thought, if I can write 2, surely, I can write 3. After all, I have this huge folder of story ideas, complete with tons of notes, and I’ve been thinking about them for so long, I already know every single thing that’s going to happen. And I’ve been putting off writing several of these stories. Why? Who knows. So I changed my goal to 3. Unrealistic? Probably. I could’ve made the goal of 3 easily, though. I was on track to have all 3 finished with time to spare. But after the death of my grandmother, I lost a couple weeks. Then, the next month, my neck began giving me a lot of problems, and has cost me 2-3 weeks time that I could’ve been writing. And then, out of nowhere, my computer gets goofy on me, and I lose 4 days fixing it. So, I reached my original goal of 2, but fell short of my goal of 3. However, I did many other things regarding my writing that more than made up for the lack of a third book.

For example, I wrote many short stories. Also, I self-pubbed 2 novels and 5 short stories that I’ve had lying around. I create all my own covers, which takes time, but I love doing it. I’ve been spending a lot of time networking, meeting other authors, reading blogs, and learning. I’ve also invested some time to building my fan base. I like to interact with my readers. I respond to every email and every message. Which, coincidentally, has left me very little time to read. I read like a madman during the winter, but as soon as summer came and I started working on my own stuff, it left me no time. I managed to read Jeff Strand’s The Sinister Mr. Corpse. I’m currently reading Scott Nicholson’s Ashes (a book of short stories) and Benedict Martin’s Escaping Entry. Plus, I’m trying to finish writing a short story and editing the 2 novels I wrote. Although, I must admit, I’m not trying too hard. Call it my end of summer slowdown. I don’t feel so rushed now.

On top of all that, my husband has been obsessed with putting a new roof on our house. Which would be fine, if he wasn’t always having me look stuff up for him. As if I’m sitting here doing nothing. Then, there was the back to school shopping last week. Wouldn’t have been so bad if it hadn’t taken me 30 minutes to talk my son into trying on a pair of jeans. Kids. Plus, the shoe choices these days are ridiculous. Why must all shoes be hideous? Or white? No fear, though. After 3 stores and lots of looking and trying on, we finally found his 2 pairs. Whew. Now tomorrow, eye doctor appointment. Monday is Open House at school. Wednesday, school starts. With a new school year, will come 8,000 pages of filling in the same information that I have for the last 9 years. Oh well. It’s part of it.

So as you see, it’s been a very hectic summer, and I don’t feel at all like I’ve had a vacation. But that comes in the fall for me. We take a lot of walks, have a lot of picnics and tailgate suppers, and spend a lot of time outdoors piddling. I have to admit, I hate to watch summer break go, but I love to watch it leave!


About Kimberly A Bettes

I whittle away the minutes of my life by entertaining myself with various projects and people. One thing is certain. I'm never bored. I also write stuff and take pictures of things.

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