Though I had kicked around the idea of going through a traditional publisher with RAGE, I decided to just go ahead and self-pub it like I did my other novels and short stories. Why? Because it’s a touchy subject matter, and I had no doubt that it would be a long and troublesome process of even finding a publisher willing to publish it. To me, it just wasn’t worth the hassle when self-pubbing is so much faster, easier, and then there’s that super-awesome bonus of keeping all the control, rights, and money for myself. I knew you’d see things my way.

After discussing things with my Brain Team, I decided to also make it free. Stupid move? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Think about your very favorite author. How did you discover them? A friend lend you their book? Check it out at the library? Download a free ebook? That’s my line of thinking. Everybody wants something for free. Even I have a hard time shelling out dough for an author I’ve never heard of. What if it’s horrible? What if I don’t like it? I’ve wasted my money. But if it’s free, I’m out nothing but some time. And if I like it, I race to get my hands on everything I can by that author. I’m hoping that’s what happens here. We’ll see.

I always make my own covers, and RAGE is no exception. I always make a few (with only slight variations of my vision), then have a hard time deciding which one I like the best. Same thing happened with RAGE. I had devised a plan to post a poll and let the readers vote on which one they liked the best, and the winner would…well…win. It would’ve been the official cover. But, my Brain Team once again decided that I should just use the one I liked the best. So I did. There were only a couple of variations between the cover I used and the other choices. Fonts, and instead of the gun and boy, the other covers consisted of other pictures (one of them blood spatter, the other bloody hand prints). I love the one I picked. Of course I do. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have picked it.

As for traditional publishing, my next novel HELD just may be up for it. It’s a more acceptable subject matter. (Funny how a woman kidnapped and held in the basement of a serial killer is more acceptable than a 13 year-old boy being bullied, but hey, that’s the world in which we live.) It’s finished, but needs to be edited. After that, I just may begin searching for a dead-tree publisher. Then again, maybe not. Who knows what the future holds?

As for the sooner-than-I-had-told-you-it-would-be release of RAGE, surprise! I was going to release on the 24th, my birthday and Thanksgiving, but decided to do it now. Why wait? I have some readers dying to get at it. I know I certainly don’t like to wait. I’ve heard good things about it, and we’re only hours into its release. I can’t wait to read some reviews. Don’t forget to leave them. And as always, I hope you enjoy! This is to date my favorite book I’ve written. Brian Boozer really tore at my heart, and I’m sure he will yours. So suffer as I have suffered, and tell me in your review how many boxes of Kleenex you went through. I went through 2.


About Kimberly A Bettes

I whittle away the minutes of my life by entertaining myself with various projects and people. One thing is certain. I'm never bored. I also write stuff and take pictures of things.

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