I recently had the privilege of reading an advanced reader’s copy of the newest novel by my favorite authors Blake Crouch & J.A. Konrath. How lucky am I, right? If you aren’t familiar with these authors, you definitely should be. They are fantabulous. They would have to be, wouldn’t they, to knock my beloved Dean Koontz off his throne and strip him of the title of My All-Time Very Favorite Author? To make your life easier, I’ve included here the book description and link (clicking on the title will take you to Amazon so you can purchase it or read other reviews, and clicking on the author’s names will take you to their websites), along with my review. Don’t worry. There’s no spoilers in it. You’re welcome.


STIRRED by Blake Crouch & J.A. Konrath

“Lt. Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels has seen humanity at its most depraved and terrifying. She’s lost loved ones. Come close to death countless times. But she always manages to triumph over evil. Luther Kite is humanity at its most depraved and terrifying. He’s committed unthinkable acts. Taken human life for the sheer pleasure of it. He is a monster among monsters, and no one has ever caught him. Each is the best at what they do. Peerless. Unmatched.


Until now…


In Luther’s experience, people are weak. Even the strong and fearless break too easily. He wants a challenge, and sets his depraved sights on Jack. But with a baby on the way, Jack is at her most vulnerable. She’s always been a fighter, but she’s never had so much to fight for. So he’s built something especially for Jack. His own private ninth circle of hell–a nightmare world in a forgotten place from which no one has ever escaped.


It’s J.A. Konrath’s greatest heroine versus Blake Crouch’s greatest villain in Stirred, the stunning conclusion to both Konrath’s Lt. Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels thriller series and Crouch’s Andrew Z. Thomas series.”


This is my review on (I gave it 5 stars):  Stirred (Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels Mysteries) (Kindle Edition)

It would be cliché to say that Stirred is Konrath & Crouch at their best. After all, when aren’t they at their best? But this is one of their best collaborations, possibly their best to date. The way they brought in all their characters, both villains and heroes, and wove them all together in one story is simply amazing. The fact that it worked so well is a testament to both their writing abilities and their working relationship. Add in the interactive element, and you have a real masterpiece here. (They made the story interactive for those who haven’t read their previous works and are unfamiliar with the characters. The reader is able to click on the name of the character during their first appearance, and will be able to learn about them. However, if you have never read anything by either author, you will still be able to keep up. The authors have done such a wonderful job of answering any questions a new reader would have without the reader even knowing they’re being given back story. And there’s a couple little treats along the way for faithful readers.)

Stirred was a great read, full of surprises. With tension and suspense, humor (who doesn’t love Harry McGlade?), and drama, there’s something here for everyone. These two have knocked it out of the park again.


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