Here’s My Take On…Whitney

It seems that everyone has an opinion on the death of Whitney Houston. While normally I grumble about these things to myself and move on with my life, I feel compelled to say a little something this time.

I’ve always found it peculiar that everyone forgets these icons until they’ve died, then suddenly the icon is reborn, though in death. Links to videos, the sudden boom of cd sales, etc. I’ve always wondered, ‘where were they BEFORE the death?’ If you loved this person so much, why weren’t you talking about them before they died? Where were the posts of those videos before? Why weren’t the cd sales through the roof then? Odd.

Last night, I saw some video footage of Whitney’s failed comeback tour in 2010. It was horrible, to say the least. She looked more than awful and sounded even worse than that. I couldn’t believe my ears. Could this be the same Whitney that had belted out such beautiful music only years before? I wasn’t the only one in shock over this. That tour was cancelled.

Then it dawned on me. Whitney Houston was dead long before her death. She killed her voice with cigarettes. She destroyed her body with alcohol and drugs. She had taken an amazing talent that most people can only dream of and crushed it. She could’ve had the world. She did have the world for a time. But she let it all go. And those were all HER choices. No one held a cigarette to her mouth and forced her to inhale. That was her. And while it’s true that Bobby Brown may have played a role in her dug addiction, no one can force you to take drugs. That was once again all Whitney. She killed herself by not taking care of herself.

It was the same thing when Amy Winehouse died. Everyone tried to say she battled demons, she had an addiction, blah blah blah. Who isn’t battling demons? Who doesn’t have troubles at some point? These people have the money to get the best help possible, and they choose not to. Yes, they CHOOSE not to. They chose to start doing drugs, and they can choose to stop. And to all the people that say addiction is a disease, I say bullshit. Cancer is a disease. You can’t stop having cancer. You can stop your addiction. If you choose.

Of course I feel bad for Whitney’s family. It’s hard to lose a loved one, no matter the cause. But do I think Whitney’s face should be splattered all over television because ‘poor Whitney was led to her death by her ex-husband’? No. Absolutely not.

And that’s my take on Whitney.



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