Who vs. Whom

I’ve touched on the subject of I vs. Me twice, and apparently it helped some people because I’ve been asked to do a blog post on who vs. whom, which I will do now. Hopefully this will help.

Just like when determining whether you should use I or me, you determine if you should use who or whom by doing a little word play. You figure it out by turning the sentence around and replacing the who or whom with he or him. If he is wrong, so is who. If him is wrong, so is whom. Confused? Don’t be. It’s super easy. Here are some examples:

The sentence: Who do you consider the best writer?

To figure out whether we should use who or whom, we do a little word play to decide which of these sounds right:

Do you consider him the best writer?
Do you consider he the best writer?

Since him is correct, we would use whom.

Correct: Whom do you consider the best writer?

Another example:

It was Stephen King whom wrote that book.

Which sounds right?

He wrote that book.
Him wrote that book.

Since he sounds right, the word to use is who.

Correct: It was Stephen King who wrote that book.

Once you’ve determined whether to use he or him, all you have to do is remember that he = who and him = whom (both him and whom end with m).

Now that you’re edumacated, let’s have a few practice sentences.

1) Who/whom is that actor?

2) Who/whom are you?

3) To who/whom do you wish to speak?

4) Who/whom made this decision?

5) Who/whom do you think we should support?


1) Since we can determine that he is that actor, the correct word to use would be WHO.

2) Since you are he, the correct word to use would be WHO.

3) Since you wish to speak to him, the correct word to use is WHOM.

4) Since he made this decision, the correct word to use would be WHO.

5) Since we should support him, the correct word to use would be WHOM.

And there you have it. I told you it was super easy. Practice a few times to make sure you have it down. Don’t want to go making an arse of yourself at dinner parties. 🙂


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I whittle away the minutes of my life by entertaining myself with various projects and people. One thing is certain. I'm never bored. I also write stuff and take pictures of things.

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