The Allen/Cosby Debate

So I’m over on the twitter, browsing as usual, and I first see that Bill Cosby is trending. Now I don’t live in a cave. I live as if I live in a cave, what with the professional level of hermitude I display, but I don’t really live in a cave. I know what’s going on with Bill Cosby. My question was why is he trending today? A few minutes later, Cosby is no longer trending but Woody Allen is. I investigate this matter further because, well, I have time. This is what I learned:

People are pissed off that while Bill Cosby’s career is tanking because of all the rape and molestation allegations, Woody Allen’s career is fine. In fact, Allen just signed on with Amazon for a TV show. And those people are right. It really isn’t fair. But you know what? Nothing about Hollywood is fair. Is it fair for Roman Polanski and Woody Allen to get away with child molestation and rape? Is it fair that their careers are fine, and that despite their known crimes they continue to make movies which allow them to rake in more money, which inevitably buys their freedom? No. It’s not. But it’s also not fair that the likes of Lindsay Lohan can get coked up and slam her car into other cars with barely a slap on the wrist. It isn’t fair that she can do that repeatedly and never get more than a stern talking to from the judge. It isn’t fair that Robert Wagner can kill Natalie Wood and never be charged with her murder. It isn’t fair that Ashley Simpson gets caught lip syncing on Saturday Night Live and her career ends, but every performer on the show lip syncs and nothing is ever said about that.

A lot of things aren’t fair in Hollywood. It isn’t right and something should be done about it. But I’m not going to hold my breath on anything ever happening.


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  1. You could throw OJ Simpson on your list too.

  2. I worry sometimes about the ease with which the social media presides over all our fates on a greater or lesser scale. So much of our opinion is formed through the filter of the gutter press, yet we are ready to pronounce judgement and initiate little witch-hunts on the basis of evidence that is scant and second-hand at best, at worst re-worked and reinterpreted to make a good story. Some of those witch hunts become viral – they ruin lives. While I appreciate what you say I would not rush to judgement. In UK at the moment there is a fetish for prosecuting A list personalities on the basis of miscreant acts perpetrated sometimes as much as thirty years ago, and I find myself asking how any testimony that old can possibly be safe? We are jailing men (I notice women are never accused) of eighty and more years: where is the sense of proportion, the quality of mercy here?

    • I definitely agree with you. It seems that whatever makes the best story is told and re-told until it’s believed. And the media performs ‘witch hunts’, where they single out someone for whatever reason and squeeze them relentlessly until they crack. That was really my point. While virtually nothing was said about Woody Allen having sexual relations with an underage girl, even marrying her–his daughter, and the same with Roman Polanski, they for some reason are pouncing on Bill Cosby. It’s insane the way the media can take anyone down at any time for any reason. Absolutely insane.

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