In Honor of Halloween…

For as long as I can remember, October has been my favorite month. I love the cooler weather, the beautiful foliage as the leaves turn colors, and of course Halloween. I get a tingle in the pit of my stomach as soon as the clock strikes 12:01 on October 1st. By the time Halloween rolls around, I’m giddy. Horror movies, costumes, scary stories, I love it all. So I thought I’d try something here. How about you share your scary story with us all right here on this blog? It could be long or short, true or false. It doesn’t matter. Give us goosebumps. Make us cringe in fear. Make us shy away from the computer in horror. I’ll sprinkle in my own stories from time to time. We’ll do this from now until November 1st. Sound fun? I thought so. Let’s go. I’ll start.

When I was a kid, we lived in a house where something strange happened every night at 10:00. From the kitchen, a loud pop sounded. It could be heard throughout the house, and not a night went by that it didn’t happen. I’d heard stories of what had happened in that house before we moved in, but who ever believes the things they hear? But once I put together the noise and the fact that only one wall in the kitchen had wallpaper–the only wall in the entire house to have wallpaper–I started to wonder if perhaps what I’d heard was true.

The story I heard was this: One night, a grandfather and his son had a fight that started when the grandfather bought the grandson a gun. The boy’s father didn’t like it, so he and his father argued in the kitchen. The boy got in between the two. A shot was fired. The boy was killed. At 10:00. Unable to cover up the stains on the wall because the blood kept seeping through the paint, they covered it with wallpaper. Now, as I said before, who believes things they hear? I didn’t. However, when I was older, in my mid-20s, I spent a lot of time at the library doing research for stories and genealogy and the like. I came across a very interesting thing. It was an article about the grandfather, the son, and the grandson. Apparently the stories I’d heard were true. The boy was shot in the kitchen. The wallpaper must hide the truth. What I wouldn’t give to be able to remove that wallpaper and see what lies behind it…

This story is true.


About Kimberly A Bettes

I whittle away the minutes of my life by entertaining myself with various projects and people. One thing is certain. I'm never bored. I also write stuff and take pictures of things.

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  1. Nice Poe vibe there! I like October too. Having an almost-Halloween birthday helps, but there’s something about it that I’ve always liked, and I’m clearly not alone in that. Good post!

  2. Thanks, Paul! My grandmother was born on Halloween. My grandpa used to jokingly say it was because she was a witch. Lol!

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