Remembering Columbine

On October 5, 1998, I gave birth to an amazing baby boy. Six months later, 17 years ago today, there was a horror in Littleton, CO. The Columbine school shooting. I remember watching the awful events unfold on the news, and I very specifically remember thinking, “Oh my god. What have I done?” And by that, I meant this: I had just brought a baby into a world in which he wasn’t even safe attending school.
Columbine was far from the first school shooting (it was the 256th school shooting in American history), but it was the first that I was aware of. Maybe that’s because I wasn’t a parent before Columbine so I didn’t think of things like that. Or maybe it was because I was only 21 years old and unaware of what a truly horrific place the world can be.

On April 20, 1999, Columbine made me aware.
To this day, any time I see photos or video footage of the Columbine massacre, I get chills. My heart goes out to the victims and families of not only the Littleton shooting but every shooting that has every taken place on educational soil. Schools are where we send our children to learn history and science and math. One thing they should never have to learn about at school is death.

There have been an additional 175 school shootings since Columbine.

81% of school shooters have warning signs that go unnoticed or unreported. Be aware and alert, and report those signs to the proper authorities.


 *Note: During an interview regarding Columbine, someone on TV stated that before the Littleton shooting, there was only one school shooting. I urge you to peruse the list of shootings compiled here.

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  1. I can’t imagine the fear that must run through a parent’s mind when they send a child to school in America these days. The only country on earth where this seems to be not uncommon. I know it recently happened in Pakistan with terrible effect but it’s the only incident I’ve heard of there and was committed by those who place no value on human life anyway.
    I keep hearing that guns don’t kill, people do. But if you don’t give them access to guns they would find it a lot harder. Surely some kind of real gun control is needed to give parents peace of mind that a child going to school will return home at the end of the day and not be draped in a blood soaked sheet.
    xxx Massive Hugs Kimberley xxx

  2. I couldn’t agree more. Another worn-out argument shouted from the rooftops by those who feel that the world will be a better place when every person is armed is that “if they’re going to kill, they’ll do it with or without a gun.” Yes, people can kill with other weapons, such as baseball bats and hammers (both are items used in their arguments), but you can’t harm more than one person with the strike of a hammer. You can’t mow down a large group of people with a swing of the bat. This country’s sick love affair with weapons is going to be the death of us all.

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