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FREE for a Limited Time

My collection of short stories entitled TWISTED is available for free at Amazon, but only for a limited time. So rush over and grab your copy. Read it. Then please take a moment to leave a review. Thanks, and enjoy!




From the dark mind of Kimberly A. Bettes comes this unsettling collection of 26 short stories, each more twisted than the last. The stories within will leave you feeling uneasy, shocked, and disturbed.



Call me crazy. Many have. But I’m giving away my short story collection TWISTED. Oh yeah. That’s right. It’s FREE. F-R-E-E FREE! I ask nothing in return, although it WOULD be nice if you could leave a review when you’ve finished reading it. That way other people will know how awesome I am. I mean, um, what you thought of the book.

So rush on over to Amazon and — Hey! Hey, stop running! You’re gonna trample each other! Calm down, there’s enough to go around! Geez. You’d think it was a Black Friday sale at Wal-Mart. Of course, this is much better than any sale, because my book is FREE! So come on, folks. Be TWISTED with me.

What’s New

I’m preparing to write the end of Rage. Everything in that book is perfect so far, and I’ve been thinking on the ending for a week or so now. I DO NOT want to screw it up at this point. This is the most important part of the book, after all. To screw it up now would be a horrible disaster. I made a cover for it that I loved. It’s my desktop background, you know, to give me that extra boost when I turn on the laptop. Although, it’s hard to see that inspiration when my browser is open and I’m pointlessly wasting time surfing the web.

I’m also preparing to release Annie’s Revenge as an ebook. I’ve already formatted it, and I’ve made a great cover for it. These are the things I do while procrastinating on other things.

I haven’t told anyone this, but I have a project going that is unlike anything I’ve written so far. It isn’t dark at all. In fact, it’s funny. Oh that’s right. It’s funny. I only have a few pages so far, and I wrote those months ago. I read through them the other day and realized that it’s going to be good. When I get around to it, that is. Right now, Rage is my top priority. But I will get to it and it will be hilarious.

I released The Good Neighbor as an ebook on June 11, 2011. It’s still only available at Smashwords, but soon it’ll be available at major online retailers. I’ll alert the media when that happens.

As this isn’t getting the ending to Rage written, I guess I’ll be off now to slave away, pounding at the keys relentlessly until the book is finished. I’m behind schedule as it is. Sure, it’s only a schedule I made for myself and it was thrown off by the death of my grandmother, but still. I need to get back on track.

Until next time, read something.


I started yesterday off working on my projects, but then I couldn’t stand it. I had to stop and read an ebook I bought a few days ago.

The book is called Run. It’s by one of the most amazing authors I’ve ever read. His name is Blake Crouch. He’s a fabulous storyteller. If you’ve never read anything he wrote, do yourself a favor and DO IT! You will not be disappointed.

His other novels include: Desert Places, Locked Doors, Abandon, Snowbound, Serial (with J.A. Konrath), Killers (A sequel to Serial, also with J.A. Konrath), Draculas (with J.A. Konrath, F. Paul Wilson, and Jeff Strand) and Break You, a novella.