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Review Recruit

I’m looking for some folks who’d be interested in swapping a free digital copy of my newest novel Exodus in exchange for an honest review at Amazon. Reviews are more important to authors than most people realize. For example, until I hit the 25th review, Exodus won’t show up in the “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” or the “Customers Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed” sections. Also, to do any sort of promotions or giveaways, I need a minimum number of reviews. That minimum varies from place to place, but it’s there.

So whataya say? I’ll give you a copy of Exodus, you read it, hopefully like it, and then head on over to Amazon to leave a review. A brutally honest review. If it sucked, say it sucked. The review doesn’t have to be long or perfect. It just has to be. And of course be honest.

In case you forgot what Exodus was about…



At the height of the Great Depression, thousands of families who have lost everything are left with no choice but to make the pilgrimage westward in search of a new life. Some will find what they’re looking for. Some will not and will then be forced to make the long journey back home. Then there are the others, those who never make it to either place because they made a stop along the way in a town called Exodus, an abandoned silver mining town in eastern Arizona where nothing good ever happens and most folks never leave.




If you’re interested, you can let me know at kimberlyabettes(at)yahoo(dot)com. Thanks in advance!


Keepin’ It All Straight

A friend once asked me how I keep all the different characters in my stories straight, how I keep from getting them all confused.

My reply came swiftly.

You have more than one friend, right? Of course you do. You probably have many friends. Each of them have very different lives with many different things going on. Do you get them confused? Do you mistake one friend for another or forget which friend is going through what? No. You keep them all straight. You remember that Pam got a new job while Brian is battling cancer and Joe just got a divorce. You remember these things because they’re real people with real lives. That’s how I see my characters. I created them from nothing so I know everything about them. If I live to be a hundred and create a thousand characters, I’ll always keep them straight and be able to tell them apart because to me, they’re real.